Avocat Tunisie, Legal audit

Our firm specializes in the legal audit of companies. This is an opportunity to study, analyze and diagnose the steps and commitments made in the context of mergers and acquisitions

Remote legal consultations

Remote legal consultations through the firm’s website, after the client has exposed the legal problem that concerns him

Administrative services

Specify the service you need and our firm represents you before all administrative bodies.
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Office Ben Ammar

Lawyer in Tunisia

The Ben Ammar office aims to be one of the most developed law firms in Tunisia, monitoring their legislative and legal innovations, and their research continues to improve the working methods which allows them to provide a service of the highest quality.

The firm advises foreign investors to choose and set up appropriate structures for their establishment or the restructuring of their holdings.

Our firm helps you to buy a second passport or ‘elite residency’ by investissements or donate.

Helps you to authenticate and equalize all your papers.

Assists you with the creation of offshore companies and the opening of bank accounts.


Saber Ben Ammar

(Chairman and founder)

We are here to fight against any violance with experience

We feel very proud for our
great achievement

From residential remodeling projects to major commercial, industrial, projects, invest.
Avocat Tunisie, Me Benammar assists its developer clients through all stages of acquisition, planning, financing.

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Ben Ammar cabinet aims to become one of the most developed law firms in Tunisia


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